BlackWork Chloroprene Gloves

Black Work

Black Work's new patented Black Chloroprene formula is the most scientifically advanced glove in the Tattoo Industry. Unrivalled protection, Zero resistance, Incredible comfort, and a textured surface for your pleasure. 

 Hands down; The Best Gloves in the Industry! 

Product specs:

  • 100ct. per box. That's plenty to go around!
  • Patented Black Chloroprene Formula, because black is the new black. 
  • Zero Resistance, reduced hand fatigue, save some room for later ;) 
  • Textured surface for greater grip, don't drop yo gunz son!
  • Smaller box size reduces shipping cost. We know you cheap, we got u.
  • Extreme elasticity, pull that shit up to your elbow.




Type: Gloves