BlackWork Nitrile Gloves

Black Work

Blackwork's new patented Black Nitrile formula is the most scientifically advanced nitrile glove in the Tattoo Industry.

It offers unrivalled protection and near zero resistance, incredible comfort, and a textured surface with unbelievable tactile sensitivity. 

So you can still feel your fingers when you go home at night, even that one in the middle with that bump... 



Product specs:

  • 100ct. per box, plenty to party!
  • Patented Ultra Elastic Black Nitrile Formula.
  • Near Zero Resistance to your hands, reduced hand fatigue over long hours.
  • Textured surface for your pleasure.
  • Smaller box size keeps your station less cluttered. More room on your station for Becca to put her purse and Starbucks. 
  • Extreme elasticity, unlike another nitrile gloves this one won't bust its nut on your new icy ring.


Type: Gloves