Haley Wasdal

Haley Wasdal

Haley Wasdal, talented Red Deer based tattooer, is renowned for her unique style and artistry that well surpasses what is expected from her brief 5 years in the industry. Already the proud owner of her own studio, Wolf & Crown Tattoo, which she shares with business partner Greg Smith.

Haley has worked hard to craft her signature soft yet striking style, obtaining a diploma in Visual arts and constantly pushing for new heights with her black and grey realism and perfect fine line-work, often incorporating subtle uses of colour to perfectly accent her artworks. 

She shares her studio space with Paige Richardson, Ida Törnqvist and Kyran Giesbrecht, who are all also very successful and well established artists.

When not tattooing, Haley can be found enjoying anything nature related, she loves wildlife and feels very lucky to have her main source of inspiration come from the beautiful province of Alberta.

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You can check out Haley's portfolio on her instagram here!