Andrey Kolbasin's Green Leaf Set

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Andrey Kolbasin's Green Leaf Set
This nature-inspired set is perfect for creating tattoos that incorporate leaves, moss, or roots. This set features a balance of warm and cool tones to achieve excellent contrast and saturation.

#1 Dark green - Cedar
#2 Light green - Willow
#3 Lightest green - Birch
#4 Raw Umber - Oak
#5 Burnt Grill - Chestnut
#6 Sea wave - Russian Olive
#7 Turkish Blue- Blue Spruce
#8 Deep green- Juniper

Set tip:
 If you're using this set while tattooing a leaf that utilizes cool green or sky blue, use burnt Sienna in the shade and any color from the warm line.
If you're tattooing a leaf with a warm base use green concentrate in the shade (the darkest of the cold lines).  

Generic Key Points
  • Contains zero animal products
  • 1oz bottles
  • Never tested on animals
  • Better for immunity and overall health
  • More reliable and safer on skin
  • Longer lasting ink and better vibrancy

    Type: Ink