KoHo Clip Biodegradable Cord Covers

Northern Tattoo Supply


Northern Tattoo Supply Koho® 100% biodegradable Plastic Clip cord Covers provide protection between patients and hard to clean cords, preventing cross contamination.

By selecting un-boxed barriers you are helping to reduce land-fill, wastage and environmental costs associated with un-necessary product packaging. 

We recommend storing your KoHo biodegradable barriers in a sterilizable container such as a mason jar. 

  • 100 % PLA + (PBAT and cornstarch) biodegradable material.
  • Easy to use barrier prevents cross-contamination
  • Provides protection when working across the body or on large areas where the cord may come in contact with the tattooed area
  • Individual covers, open on both ends
  • 2" in width and 24" long
  • These sleeves eliminate contamination and make clean up effortless

200 barriers per unit.

Store below 30 degrees Celsius and away from sunlight to prevent premature degradation.

Meets the standards of: UNI EN 13432 and CAN/BNQ 0017-088

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Type: Disposables