Cuts-It Gel Instrument Pre-soak


Cuts-It® Gel Instrument Pre-soak is specially formulated to safely remove blood, fat, tissue and body fluids from surgical instruments and equipment. The unique chemical properties penetrate and solubilize blood and fats. The gelling agents allow the product to adhere to instruments and soil. The blue dye makes it easy for the user to ensure uniform coverage. The wetting agents will keep instruments moist for hours, allowing for safer and easier processing in decontamination.

Cuts-It® Gel Instrument Pre-soak minimizes handling, thus reducing exposure to potentially infectious organic contaminants. The prespray ensures the thorough and complete cleaning of equipment and instruments.


Rapid and Effective: Immediately softens; dissolves blood, fat, tissue and other body fluids.

Rust Inhibitors: Reduces likelihood of rust, tarnish or corrosion.

Rinsing Agents: Rinses spot & residue-free.

pH Near Neutral: Product safe and compatible with all metals.

Highly Concentrated: Low cost per use.

Bacteriostatic: Shelf stable if stored properly – will inhibit growth of bacteria.

Environmentally-Friendly: Biodegradable, phosphate-free, non-polluting formula.

Type: Clean Up