EnzyClean II Dual Enzyme Detergent


Enzyclean® II Dual Enzyme Detergent is specially formulated for safe manual use. Enzyclean® is used for effectively and safely cleaning glass, plastic, rubber and metal surgical instruments and equipment. Enzyclean® provides one step cleaning of delicate fiber optic equipment. It leaves instruments moving freely and spot-free. It is designed to be used on instrumentation immediately following the surgical procedure.

Enzyclean® II Dual Enzyme Detergent minimizes instrument handling, thus reducing exposure to potentially infectious organic contaminants. It ensures the thorough and complete cleaning of equipment and instruments, a prerequisite to the completion of the decontamination process. The enzymes in this detergent quickly disintegrate organic soils in hard to reach areas, including lumens, channels and box locks. The enzymes break down (actually digest) the organic soils, and the detergent removes them completely, holding them in suspension and avoiding redepositing on the cleaned surfaces.


Dual Enzyme: Protease enzyme effectively breaks down proteins. Amylase enzyme breaks down carbohydrates.

Rust Inhibitors: Reduces likelihood of rust, tarnish or corrosion.

Rinsing Agents: Rinses spot & residue-free.

Highly Concentrated: Low cost per use.

pH Near Neutral: Product safe and compatible with all metals.

High Sudsing: Created specifically for manual use.

Bacteriostatic: Shelf stable if stored properly – will inhibit growth of bacteria.

Environmentally-Friendly: Biodegradable, phosphate-free, non-polluting formula.

Lubricating: Leaves instruments moving freely and prolongs life of instruments.

Type: Clean Up