Helios Quick-Wrap


Helios Quick Wrap is water-proof, breathable, transparent, non-permanent protective film to protect your new tattoos and promote safe healing! Quick Wrap takes the human error out of the healing process by reducing the opportunity that your client has to incorrectly care for their new tattoo.

Quick wrap has a matte finish, so it's virtually invisible once applied. An added benefit of this is that there is no light reflection when taking pictures of your tattoos.

Quick wrap is a thin, soft material, it is extremely pliable and easy to work with. Your clients will barely notice that its on.

Quick wrap adhesive doesn't rip your arm off like some other brands, when removing it. It comes off quickly and gently.

Quick Wrap comes in 6" x 10 metre rolls.

*Quick Wrap contains a polyurethane based acrylic adhesive which some people may be allergic to. Please test patch prior

Type: Aftercare