Inkjecta Flite Nano Elite



Flite Nano Elite, InkJecta's flagship machine, features a billet alloy constructed frame for a lightweight machine that weighs in at only 54 grams. LED light activation, interchangeable side bumpers, and a removable cam cover make the Flite Nano Elite frame especially unique. 


Steering away from the Swiss Maxon motor employed in previous machines, the Flite Nano Elite employs a custom Faulhaber nano technology motor.


Flite Nano Elite operates at a broader voltage range, from 4.5V all the way up to 20V. The machine also has a 3.25mm chrome cam and comes with InkJecta's own patented semi-rigid drive. With no start-up delay and non-polarity sensitivity, artists can enjoy smoother procedures. For a more configurable experience, the Flite Nano Elite uses InkJecta's patented adjustable torsion flex system, which includes three push bars so artists can choose a soft, medium, or hard drive.

Other Features

Flite Nano Elite is a fairly quiet machine with minimal vibration. It comes packaged in custom plastic casing along with INOX MX6 lubricant and a setup manual. It also comes with the three torsion bars, detailed above, and a black semi-rigid drive.

Manufactured in Australia

InkJecta is proud to handcraft all of their machines and technology exclusively in Australia. No outsourcing is involved in the manufacturing process.



-       Rated 4.5v to 18v

-       Weighs 54 Grams/1.9 Ounces

-       Custom designed nanotechnology motor

-       Polarity sensitive LED Light (for indicating full function of your RCA cable and power supply)

-       Aerospace Billet Alloy frame

-       Interchangeable Cam System for adjusting stroke

-       Interchangeable Cam cover

-       Combo-style Grip Locking System (works with pretty much any cart grip)

-       Interchangeable Push Bar System for adjusting give

-       Interchangeable Side Bumpers (helps stop the machine from slipping on your bench, and they look cool)

Type: Tattoo Machines