KoHo Biodegradable Machine Bags

Northern Tattoo Supply

Northern Tattoo Supply Koho® 100% biodegradable Machine Bags help protect machines from cross contamination and splatter during use. These bags are open on one end, allowing them to easily slip on and off the machine.

By selecting craft-boxed barriers you are helping to reduce land-fill, wastage and  the environmental costs associated with un-necessary product packaging. 

We recommend storing your KoHo biodegradable barriers in a sterilizable container such as a mason jar. 

    • Protect your machine from cross contamination and splatter
    • These covers easily slip over your machine
    • 100 % biodegradable PLA + (PBAT and cornstarch) material
    • 5" x 5"

    200 Barriers per unit

    Store below 30 degrees Celsius and away from sunlight to prevent premature degradation.

    Meets the standards of: UNI EN 13432 and CAN/BNQ 0017-088

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    Type: Disposables