Kwadron Curved/Soft Edge Magnum (0.35mm)


One of the main factors that led to the creation of KWADRON® cartridges was the desire to create a product that has the highest usability, and above all the highest quality unattainable for other brands.

Using professional knowledge and experience, following trends and listening to tattooists, we have created a cartridge that perfectly matches the needs of customers.

The highly advanced and automated technological process used in the production of KWADRON® cartridges guarantees that each of them is just as perfect. KWADRON® cartridges have a unique needle stabilization system that ensures durability and optimum performance. The cartridges case was made of medical plastic which allowed to reduce the friction between the needle and the casing to a minimum, and the needles remain sharp.

The tattooists appreciated the quality of KWADRON® cartridges and demonstrated it in the best possible way - for years, creating their work with them!

Sublime are the latest cartridges developed by KWADRON, created to make work easier with the same excellent quality.

The main difference is flat bottom needle moving system. This treatment meant that the needle during tattooing does not twist or bend, significantly improving the precision of work. Another change is the newly special surface of the tips interior walls, thanks to the results obtained much better and more even ink flows.

In addition to innovations in KWADRON Sublime cartridges, the unique needle stabilization system, proven in standard KWADRON cartridges, has been used to ensure durability and optimal performance.

The most important features:

- a closer fit of the needle inside the tip improving precision and making it much easier
- special surface of the tip interior walls for better and more even ink flow and no splash
- unique needle stabilization system

All Kwadron cartridges feature a safety membrane

Type: Cartridges