Spirit Classic tattoo stencil paper


Thermal Spirit® Masters Classic Transfer Papers are designed for use with thermal copiers only.

This stencil paper has been the industry standard for years. With high visibility purple dyes, ripstop stencil sheets and a special coating to protect your clothes and hands, Spirit uses only the best quality materials to produce clear, sharp stencils that last for your entire tattoo session.

Carrier sheet is recommended for use.

  • Certified Vegan.
  • Package of 100.


Thermal Paper has 4 parts.

1) Top layer is white. This is the layer that your image will be transferred onto.
2) Second Layer is not bound and is a milky white. Typically this layer is thrown away.
3) Third Layer is the Carbon (purple/blue paper). By pressing on this layer the purple/blue coating is transferred to the upper sheet.
4) Fourth bottom sheet is yellow and holds the original in place when using a stencil copy machine.


Type: Stencil Preparation