Tattoo Armrest by Electrum


The Electrum Tattoo Armrest is an affordable, sturdy, lightweight, large surface armrest equipped with a swivelling armrest that locks nice and tight, stays in place and makes for the best possible situation while working on those tattoos you want to get closer to while keeping the client comfortable as well. The Tattoo Armrest features a solid construction, ball-mounted Rest Cushion allowing for easy height and swivel adjustments while tattooing. The Arm Rest also has a Tightening Handle with Push Button release for unlimited rotation. The tripod base guarantees a stable arm rest while working and each leg is easily wipeable to keep it like new after each client. The swivel pad is extremely easy to adjust and tighten and really tightens down better than any other swivel armrest available. Easy to adjust and breakdown to travel with, the Tattoo Arm Rest is already your new favourite armrest you’ve ever owned!

Tattoo Armrest Features:

  • Affordable, Sturdy and lightweight
  • Locking swivel system
  • Flat base leg pads add extra stability
  • Large custom Arm Pad
  • Compact & Easy to travel with
  • 360° ball-mounted Tattoo Armrest cushion
  • Tightening Handle has Push Button release for unlimited rotation
  • Tripod base for enhanced stability
  • Wipeable surfaces for easy cleaning
  • Easily disassembled for transportation

    Available only in the box, does NOT include bag

    Tattoo Armrest Dimensions:

      • Height Range: 27 inches to 40 inches
      • Base height is= 23"
      • Base widest area = 6"
      • Arm Rest pole = 19"
      • Arm rest pole with Pad attached = 24"
      • Arm Pad width = 7"x 12"
      • Cushion Length: 12 inches
      • Cushion Width: 6.75 inches
      • Cushion Thickness: 2 inches
      • Weight: 3.1 kg

    Type: Arm Rests