Tubes - The Standard - Diamond Tip

Straight-Up Supply

30mm Grip

15 Tubes per box

This one might seem familiar to you. It's just like an ordinary disposable tube, if it was built like a tank. It's a throwback to the good ol' days of steel.

The Standard is the workhorse for your day-in day-out tattoo needs.

The stainless steel tube will not crack or cave and makes stripping the tube vice on your favorite machine a thing of the past. It also gives the tube a sturdy, solid feel, all while reducing vibration from the machine. You might also notice it won't flex or bend in your hand like a typical all-plastic disposable tube. 

Soft silicone grips help reduce hand fatigue, with deep grooves for improved grip and reduced slip. The increased weight of the tube compared to a typical plastic disposable helps to counterbalance the weight of the machine in your hand. Also, our grips will never slide up or down the shank of the tube on you while you're trying to pull a line. They stay right where they are.

Our see-through plastic tips wash out easily and effortlessly load up ink. The throat of the inkwell is deep and gradually rises to the tip feeding ink to the needle in a steady stream. Unlike the average cookie cutter disposable tube, our tips are refined to have the precision and accuracy of steel.

We called it The Standard because it sets the bar high, as it should be.

Type: Tubes