Unicorn Horns - Straight Liners

Pegasus Brands

5 Pack of Rainbow Needle Bars In Every Box
25 pieces per box 
You got it!!! Bold beautiful sharpie style lines. Soldered back just enough to make it what it is. One pass saturation with a quickness. Universal taper for all pigment types. Dragons, Skulls, Eagles, Wizards or Tribal you get the point!!! Dependability when you need it. Sharp like Obsidian with highest standards of craftsmanship, No Bullshit!!! True lead free silver bearing solder.
Quit messing around with the same old Needles.
Unicorn Horns are the first real advancement in tattoo needles.
The New "Unicorn Universal Taper" takes all the guesswork out of needle selection and makes a more versatile all around Needle.
Quit messing around with the same old Needles.

Type: Needles