Inkjecta Flite X1 Wireless



Our Flite X1 is a lightweight machine, weighing in at 110g (without the battery installed). Smoke is a unique model with a black Stealth-colored frame and semi-opaque smoky gray side covers.


The Flite X1 employs a custom dual nanotechnology motor.


Flite X1 is a wireless, battery-operated machine. Equipped with two non-proprietary, cost-efficient batteries, this machine operates for upwards of 8 hours when used with the large 18500 battery and 4 hours when used with the small 18350 one. Flite X1 is the first of our machines to allow fully adjustable speed and voltage with the press of a single button — the very same button that turns the machine on and off. Tattooists can also adjust the needle depth using ergonomic forward and back buttons located on the machine’s body. This means there is no need for an adjustable grip, saving tattooists money in the long run.

Other Features

Flite X1 employs our all-new LED wheel that works as a machine output reader. Tattooists can choose their speed and needle depth settings while using the LED wheel to track their battery life. This LED innovation helps artists listen to their machine and determine optimal speed, needle depth, and voltage settings. Flite X1 is also compatible with all previous Flite Nano grips and cam wheels, allowing tattooists even more configurable options.

Manufactured in Australia

InkJecta is proud to handcraft all machines and technology exclusively in Australia. No outsourcing is involved in the manufacturing process.

Type: Tattoo Machines